The River Dwellers mural by T Ariel Goreau

Pedestrians, bicyclists, and automobiles share our public spaces, and we want to ensure those interactions are safe and harmonious for everyone. Check out our past advocacy below, and send us your current neighborhood safety concerns. We’d love to bring neighbors together, connect with the city, and tackle the Old East End’s most pressing needs.

Take care of one another!

Safety First

East Avenue Sidewalk Repair

Hello neighbors! We’ve noticed sidewalk conditions are deteriorating along East Ave and Colchester Ave. Local businesses, Centennial Field, and UVM Medical Center drive a ton…

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East Avenue Traffic Calming

Burlington’s Department of Public Works (DPW) is proposing a traffic calming project for East Avenue in 2022. The city is asking the public for comments…

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The amazing mural at the top of this page is “The River Dwellers” painted by local artist Tara Goreau, and you can visit it right here in the Old East End at the corner of Barrett and Chase Streets.