Super Dave Costa flies down the sledding hill at Schmanska Park

Do you know Schmanska Park is home to one of the most epic sledding hills in Burlington? Well, now you know. So what’s stopping you?! Grab a sled, garbage can lid, cafeteria tray, or unicorn and send it! Make us proud.

How do I get there?

  • The big hill is a trail linking the park with Greenmount Cemetery. Look for the break in the trees between the tennis court and barn.
  • For beginners or the supremely cautious, there’s a smaller hill between the fire road and playground.

Find the big hill in section B4 and the small hill in section E2 on the Winterlude Activity Map

Need more inspiration? Jason has gone shredding, double black diamond style from top to bottom.

Jason, Old East Ender and Unicorn Whisperer, shreds Schmanska

Still not convinced? Ok fine. Go get your board and huck yourself off Cemetery Ridge or enjoy a nice glade run through the Ramble. The choice of slide is up to you, just keep your head on a swivel and don’t flatten any neighbors! I’m talking to you, Jerry.

Little known Old East End fact – It is not crazy to snowboard Schmanska

Got your own pro tips for sliding Schmanska? Send them over and we’ll share.